Know your bottle…

A fantastic idea and innovation by the House of Krug is the Krug ID, where every bottle from the House that has left the cellars from the Summer of 2011 onwards, has printed on the back label its very own Krug ID. This six digit number – located on the left hand side of the back label allows you to discover more about your bottle. The first digit refers to which quarter of the year your bottle left Krug’s cellars and the following two digits tell you the year. Not only will it will tell you when the bottle left its cellars, food pairing and tasting notes, but from how many wines it was blended from and from how many vintages which as a Grande Cuveé could be from a blend of over 120 wines and from 10 or more different vintages. Collectors may use the Krug ID code also as a simple reference point with which to build a collection of different bottles to age and enjoy in the future.

Do you have your bottle of Krug in front of you? Visit and enter the Krug ID on your bottle on to the Krug ID page and you will be able to read the story of that very bottle. Need to buy Krug? Visit our Krug Ambassade Collection of the finest Krug Champagne available.

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