A Plenitude of words & wine…

Dom Pérignon’s latest Special Edition – the Dom Pérignon Power of Creation 2006 Vintage Champagne  has been formed together with renowned German artist Michael Riedel. The collaboration is a dramatic meeting of minds where the idea of transformation is expression which is both visual, via Riedel’s distinctive limited edition box and labels, and visceral, through the rich and penetrating flavour of the wines.

Dom Pérignon, at its heart, is all about the Power of Creation, art of patience and intriguing transformations. Today Dom Pérignon’s Vintage 2006 and its Rose 2004 have reached (what Dom Pérignon call in their commitment to Vintages) their First Plénitudes –  a moment in the life span of a wine when Dom Pérignon’s creator, Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, finally decides it is ready to face the world for the first time. The Creator Edition is available as the Dom Pérignon 2006 Vintage Champagne and the Dom Pérignon 2004 Rosé Vintage Champagne.

Each evolutionary step of its wines contributes to Dom Pérignon’s beautiful singularity these privileged leaps of succession are called “Plénitudes” – moments where the wine reaches new heights and transformative flavors. From one Plénitude to the next, Dom Pérignon’s “Power of Creation” is reaffirmed in discreet perfection, as the intriguing spirit of the vintages are finally taken out of the dark embrace of the Dom Pérignon cellars and brought into the light of discovery.

Aptly named, ‘Plenitude’ where its full meaning of the word brings us ‘ plentiful or abundance’, each Vintage has three Plénitudes.  P1, P2 and P3 and the First Plénitude is revealed after at least eight years of elaboration in the cellars, depending on the vintage.

Michael Riedel is known for his affinity for transformation so much like the slow transformation of a wine over the years, the German artist permeates and transfers existing materials. For Dom Pérignon he has taken the D and P in the Maison’s name and created a poetic optical metaphor for the passage of time. He did this by creating a complex layering of the two letters across both the box and the bottle labels. This is a singular mix of superposition, deconstruction and aggregation of the letters D and P.

This is a collaboration that resulted in an Edition that aesthetically is attractive and a move away from the dark, mysterious Editions of the past. It feels very relevant in today’s world of text, light and tech and with a 92 point score from Decanter, this Dom Pérignon Vintage  Creator Edition is definitely worth buying and cellaring.

Credits & Photo Credit. Dom Pérignon.

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