The Champagne Company is a leading specialist Champagne & Wine retailer based in the heart of England, welcome to our Champagne blog, one glass at a time!

Here we will be posting about amazing food pairings to drink with Champagne, Champagne trivia and deliciously celebratory bottles that need more talking about!

We are passionate about our products and have become the UK’s No.1 Independent Retailer for a number of Champagne brands, and in 2011 we were selected to join the L’Academie du Champagne for outstanding contribution towards Champagne in the UK. We are also the only Online ‘e-tailer’ to have been awarded the accolade of Krug Champagne Ambassador – normally reserved for select Michelin Star Restaurants.

We believe The Champagne Company has something for everyone, from connoisseurs and the most discerning of Champagne devotees to those just stepping into the distinct world of Champagne for a special occasion, party or for the pure enjoyment of sharing Champagne with friends.