Why choose a Vintage?

What is so special about a Vintage Champagne? This is basically because it is one of kind. Harvested in one single year, and when 100% of the grapes only come from that one particular year. 2008 is one of the most recently released vintages declared also as an exceptional year for Champagne.

Every year may produce slightly different yields and thus the development of the grapes is influenced by weather factors of that year – some Vintages are considered more exceptional than others. Vintages are almost always declared from a year of a particularly good harvest but some houses, in years known for extreme or difficult weather exposures, using exceptional blending winemaking using age-old techniques and varying a particular grape’s overall percentage may manage to buck that trend!

Vintage Champagne must spend a minimum of three years on its lees whereas some of the premier champagne houses keep their wines for upwards of five to ten years or more. Some Champagne Houses only produce vintage Champagnes like Dom Perignon.

You may have heard more recently about multi-vintages like Krug Grand Cuvée Champagne (who also produce Vintage Champagnes from very small, exclusive vineyards as well ( and their ‘house’ style is a multi-vintage Grand Cuvée which includes a blend of several different years.

So, cellar up and buy a few extras to keep, as one of the most convincing reasons to by a vintage Champagne is that they are also perfect to be kept to drink years later; and if you buy a bottle or few, you can appreciate each bottle as the Champagne flavour, aroma and taste enhances as it matures; an excellent opportunity to say ‘remember when…’ and share memories all over again.

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